Estate Agent Immobiliare Property Finder and Relocation Specialist

Estate Agent Immobiliare

Property Finder and Relocation Specialist

@ your Service

We believe in a high level of customer service and satisfaction, and on this basis there is little we will not do to assist you. You might even prefer a less hands-on service, we will only do however much you want us to.

We are available by phone or by appointment even outside office hours and at weekends. Should you decide to make a short visit on the week-end, we will assist you and take you to properties,  provided we can give advanced notice to the sellers.

  • You might like to be picked up at the airport to make your stay more comfortable and stress free.
  • You might need advice or booking info on where to stay or where to dine.
  • Maybe the selection on our website is not what you are looking for. Let us work with you and find the perfect property to meet your “must have” by liaising with colleagues in an open and fair manner at no extra cost to you. Your full commitment to us is important.
  • Our fees include all simultaneous translations with sellers, architects or “geometri”  or any offices you might need to deal with; up to the Rogito/exchange of contract. We will also obtain your Personal Tax Codes essential for the transaction. We can introduce you to a local bank and do the necessary change of use on the utilities.
  • Should your property need refurbishment we will liaise for you with the Architects or/ and “Geometri” and send you regular updates including  visual documentation. We also will be available to assist you during your visits for selecting materials for the refurbishment or even the furnishing of the property. The fee for this service is to be assessed according to each project.
  • As relocation specialists we can deal with your move over, or furnishing and furbishing.
  • Maybe you wish to rent or just want us to manage the property whilst you are away.

We can do all these things for you

If in doubt ask and we will advise you as to how far our services go.